Beard growth balm, does it really work?


For a while we've been hearing about products that seem to work wonders, products that make our beards grow the way we've always wanted. There are several brands and in other articles we tell you which ones we consider to be the best and why. ( Here is the link so you don't forget it ) but really, what is it that makes them so special?

Beard growth balms consist of ingredients that achieve this "miraculous effect" but here you will learn what they are and why they are beneficial:

Minoxidil. It is a vasodilator that is mainly used for hair growth. Coincidentally, it was discovered that it had some very interesting side effects such as hair growth and regression of baldness. In the 1980s, Upjohn Corporation, a pharmaceutical company, began producing a 2% concentrated Minoxidil solution to treat baldness and hair loss and soon after realized that they could increase the percentage amount of Minoxidil and achieve optimal results.

Oils. In this case, many of the balms contain oils of various origins, the important thing is that they help moisturize your facial hair and that they do not irritate your skin.

It is very important to remember that each product has its own way of use and that if you decide not to respect it, it is likely that the process and the result will not be as expected.

For this reason, we recommend that if you have a beard and it does not work out in the best way , try these products, since it is scientifically proven that they help to develop hair by stimulating the follicle .

If you want to try it, you know that you can get these products at


  • Omar

    Hola. Donde puedo conseguir el minoxidil en USA.

  • Diego Tamayo

    Soy de Ecuador donde puedo encontrar los productos y aque valor gracias

  • Josue Tapia

    soy de quito en donde puedo encontrar este producto ???

  • manuel

    Hola soy de ecuador, donde puedo conseguir este producto y cuanto cuesta, espero su respuesta

  • alejandro lopez

    por motivos de trabajo debo tener la barba rasurada perfectamente a diario (militar) pero hay en ocasiones se permite el uso de la barba, tendre resultados si utilizo el balsamo como after shave?

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