How to have the perfect beard if I have holes?


All people always say that growing a beard is easy, you just don't have to shave and that's it, the only problem is when you start to grow it and you realize that there are some holes in your beard which you didn't expect to see, there is when you wonder what the hell do I do with these holes?.

The harsh reality is that not all beards are created equal and not all are created equal, if you are one of the Keanu Reevs type of people you might be a bit desperate as you have always tried to join the great beards like Obi Wan, Chuck Norris etc But the only good thing about this problem is that it can be fixed.

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let her grow

The most real problem you will encounter is that not all people have the patience to grow their beard to the point where it looks good, they get desperate and shave it off, not really giving themselves a chance to experiment. Remember that the beard is a matter of patience and if you don't have it, I recommend that you start getting it in a Buddhist temple or doing yoga.

Become an expert in the “dirty beard”

If you don't get a prominent beard and it can't be fixed with any product ( learn more about beard growth products here ), don't worry, you can also learn to rock the famous "dirty beard", try to invest in some machine of very good quality to keep you at the perfect point (usually 2 or 3 millimeters)

brush it

Trust us when we tell you what you should brush your beard , if this company has given us something, it is the wonderful experience of knowing more than 4,000 different beards and all the beards that we said “wow” had something in common, all of them brushed their beards , use a brush with hard bristles and together to stimulate your follicles.

facial hair transplant

Don't do it, whatever you do don't do it!

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beard accessories

Face it, nobody has the perfect beard because that's how they were born, all the people who have a spectacular beard have one thing in common, they all use at least 4 products for their beard, be it beard oils, beard tonic , wax for mustache , beard balm , we could mention millions, well we have many of them. So get your batteries and equip yourself in the best way so you can have the beard you want so much and not look like you survived the Titanic on an island alone for 40 years.

I hope these tips help you, we all need some good advice from someone who knows what they are doing, so I trust you that you are going to do the right thing and have the best style you can have.

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  • Adrian

    Pueden intentar también aumentando el nivel de testosterona de forma natural, ya que la barba es un exceso de esta hormona.

  • Velko Makarov

    Por qué no el transpalnte de vello facial? Apoco es taaan malo?

  • Oscar García

    No es que producto sea mas agresivo, yo he leido en varios lados que el de 5% de minoxidil a veces resulta que te iirita mucho la piel, te recomiendo que uses uno del 3%.
    Recuerda que el truco esta en no desesperarte y tiempo.

  • Alberto Ruíz


    Veo varios productos para el crecimiento de barba. Yo solamente tengo q cubrir un par de hoyos y quiero saber cuál es el
    Producto más Agresivo para corregir esto?


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