What does a man look for in a woman, realistically?

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Since the beginning of mankind, men have been looking for the perfect woman, people who can spend their lives with them, and people who are more or less with them. Committing to "one" is one of the most critical decisions a man makes in his life, so they think a lot. They need a decent woman , a woman who can help them plan their lives, help them through times of depression, and become a better person for those around them. But, what are the characteristics of the woman that a man dreams of?

There are many things that can determine what "it" would be like, which is why we listed the qualities that men seek when actively looking for life partners.

1. Family and friends oriented

Of course, not all of them are close to their families. And it won't make them bad people at all. But every man admires a woman who values ​​family and friends. Of course, no one should be prosecuted or punished for family abuse. However, everyone appreciates the quality of building strong, healthy connections with friends and family.

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2. She's cute

If a woman is charming and can make others smile, then she has elegance, charm and can get out of the most awkward situations. This is much better than being petty . Charm and grace are the reasons why women attract men. Charisma is effective after fights, disagreements, or overtime. Everyone loves a charming woman.

3. He is very kind

Men like women who are considerate, kind, and kind. A woman, in addition to loving him, does little things for men for no reason. A woman smiles every time someone smiles at her . A woman treats with love and warmth of heart. That's the woman a man would swear to marry.

4. Your intellectual challenge

There is no denying that one person's appearance is what attracts another in the first place. It's not easy to see a good personality across the room. Many affairs are based solely on physical attraction, but they won't last long. When the conversation lacks interest or depth, people often fill their time with ruthless sex . However, this only makes it impossible to build lasting relationships or make true connections with other people. In the long run, having a real discussion about meaningful topics and being intellectually challenging will always trump meaningless sex .

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5. She is ambitious

In addition to helping men achieve their dreams and goals, the perfect woman also has goals of her own. The perfect woman has a clear vision of her future and pursues it firmly . It's not necessarily a job or a career, but something you're passionate about. Men are attracted to women who challenge their minds, stimulate their emotions in positive ways, and fight for their money. A strong-willed woman can also be too stubborn and sometimes frustrated. An intelligent woman knows how to choose her battle diplomatically. This is what helped her become the winner of the game "Life". A mature and ambitious woman is a person who can get along with men, relationships and situations that arise in daily life.

6. She is understanding

Your partner's understanding, compassion, and encouragement play an important role in building a successful and happy relationship. Men want women to support them in their efforts or needs . Life is full of difficulties and challenges that any strong couple can face, especially married or engaged couples . Men sometimes need to cry on their shoulders.

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7. Affectionate and loving

Feelings are very important in love. Hugs, holding hands, and being intimate with your partner go a long way in establishing a good connection. This is a warm and loving feeling. No man wants to shrug when he gets on the shoulders of a lady, and sometimes he needs her space. Although different things make different people happy, once the honeymoon period is over and the relationship develops, all men want is love.

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