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Do you use the correct wax or pomade to style your hair? It's happened to all of us: you go to cut your hair and come out with all the attitude because of the hairstyle they gave you. It all ends when you take the shower and want to repeat that look: it's gone forever!... Or so you think.

The success of a good hairstyle is to apply the indicated product , for example, a good wax or pomade . See which ones you can use depending on your hair type.

The ideal is to apply a wax with a soft texture, which provides volume and at the same time allows combing.

In this type of hair it is important to get a good fixation, and a shiny finish is recommended to make the look look perfect.

We recommend: By Vilain - Silver Fox , 1810 - Super Hold Wax

It is necessary to mold this type of hair. Nothing better than a pomade that gives you a natural hairstyle, with a light to medium hold.

Opt for a pomade that locks in moisture in your hair and adds volume.

We recommend: Imperial - Matte Pomade Paste , The Shaving Co - Pomade Super Hold

Achieving an all-day hold is essential if you have curly hair. Use a pomade that allows you to easily spread it on your hair and without pulling.

In addition, it does not leave residues, greasy hair, and is easy to remove. You will know that it is the indicated pomade if it leaves a natural and semi-shiny finish.

We recommend: Be Strong Co. - Heavy Hold Pomade , Quio'co - Firm Fixation Pomade

Now you know how you can style your hair. At SoyMacho.com you can find a whole collection of waxes and pomades that will help you achieve the look you are looking for. Take a look at them by clicking here .

Do you already know how you will do your hair for tomorrow? Tell us what you have in mind!

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  • jose contreras

    porque no se ve una cera para cabello rizado ejemplo yo tengo el cabello rizado quiero dejármelo crecer pero no encuentro nada de productos para poder que luzca natura o decente

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