How to grow beard? Does minoxidil work?


beard growth

For years, Minoxidil - widely known as Rogaine - has been used on men's faces to help promote beard growth. Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator that was originally used as a blood pressure control medication for those with high blood pressure. This compound is taken orally, and not topically (not ingested). The uningested solution was produced after it was seen that one of the observed side effects of taking Minoxidil was hair growth and Beard and Mustache Growth is also reported virtually everywhere on the body.

Today it is used to help regenerate the hair of those who suffer from baldness in the bald area of ​​​​the head, since minoxidil stimulates the hair follicles (the root of the hair) and revives them. Once the treatment is stopped, the hair once again dies and baldness begins again. What does this mean for beard and mustache growth? Nothing really. Men who suffer from a lack of facial hair, either patchy or non-existent - are not called balding on their faces (there is no 'baldness' on the face). Minoxidil does not revive the hair on your face like it does for those who are balding on their heads. What it will do is stimulate the follicles that are already there. With time and with the right conditions, the beard grows just like any other man with a bushy Beard and Mustache.

If so, why don't more people recommend Minoxidil?

The truth is that many of them fear the unknown. No clinical trials have been conducted in the USA for the use of Rogaine on a man's face. This is why in the United States it is not approved by the FDA. Just because something isn't approved by the FDA doesn't necessarily mean it's harmful, just that it hasn't been approved. Most people will use this as a scare tactic to convince men not to try Minoxidil on their face.

Update: A study has been conducted in the USA using 5% minoxidil:

The big culprits of the misinformation about Minoxidil, are those who benefit from the negative publicity of Minoxidil, such as hair transplant clinics for the Beard and Mustache. Here at we recommend Beard and Mustache Growth Balms that can actually help you stimulate the growth of the Beard and Mustache, which will surely promote the growth of the Beard and Mustache, some of them contain Minoxidil 5%, Minoxidil 3%, Noxidil 5% , and other organic compounds that wake up the hair follicles (root of facial hair).

beard growth

So does Minoxidil work?

Yes! It certainly works. However, there are downsides to using this compound on the face; Let's face it, Minoxidil is a chemical compound and we are not here to spoil anyone about Minoxidil and its side effects. Some men have reported the following side effects after using Minoxidil topically (not ingested) on the face. No one has reported experiencing all the symptoms, rather it is a compilation of what is possible when using Minoxidil on the face:

    • Headache
    • water retention (swollen)
    • Dry
    • sleeping problems
    • heart palpitations
    • Temporary hair thinning
    • Eat excessively
    • Fatigue
    • Abundant hair growth , seriously?

Temporary weakening means exactly that, it is temporary and should not persist for more than a few weeks. What happens is that during the shedding of the hair, the hairs are weakened because the old ones are shed by the new growths. During Minoxidil use, hair follicles tend to synchronize with the growth cycle of other follicles, causing them to shed and re-grow within the same growth cycle as the Beard and Mustache. Without using Minoxidil, the follicles are more independent, and without the stimulation of Minoxidil, the natural thinning or loss of hair is not as noticeable.

Shedding facial hair does not imply that the face will be beardless. This belief is a common mistake. Shedding of facial hair, necessary for Beard Growth, should not last to such a degree that it is obvious to anyone other than you.

Beard growth and additional facial hair is individual dependent, as is the effect of Minoxidil on beard and mustache growth. Common growth includes extra arm hair, leg hair, hair around the eyebrows and tiny hairs elsewhere. This, in general, can only be noticed by yourself, but Beard Growth will be noticed by everyone.

We recommend you not to stress about possible side effects. The mind has a great reach, so maintaining a positive attitude, but above all patience, is a requirement to achieve beard growth. Many men associate non-minoxidil symptoms with the unlikely side effects of minoxidil, so take that into account. Remember, for beard growth, patience is needed .

beard growth

Ok, I know I understood the side effects. And now where do I start to achieve beard growth?

First of all, you have to learn how to use Minoxidil. Then I'll tell you where to buy it. Better learn, before spending your money ! It is not difficult, but it requires perseverance and patience. Now yes, we explain how to apply minoxidil.

How to apply Liquid Minoxidil

  1. Wash your face very well. Use a soap designed for the face or just use tap water.
  2. Measure 1 ml of Growth Balm with the included dropper.
  3. Start by applying small drops directly on the face, only in the beard area, until the applicator is empty. If your face is very wet and you still have some Growth Balm left in the dropper, continue with step 4 and then go back to this step again.
  4. Using two fingers or the same dropper, rub the Growth Balm gently with a little pressure on the skin of the face in the beard and mustache area.
  5. Wash your hands well with soap to avoid taking the Growth Balm to unwanted areas, such as the ears or nose!

How to apply minoxidil foam

  1. Wash your face very well. Use a soap designed for the face or just use tap water.
  2. Rinse your fingers with cold water. The Foaming Growth Balm will dissolve quickly if your hands are hot, so be sure to cool them.
  3. Turn the can upside down so that the Growth Balm foam outlet is pointing toward the ground. Apply the foam of the Growth Balm on the fingers until the amount is what can fit in the middle of the cap. This is equivalent to approximately 1 ml.
  4. With the other hand (remember that it should be cold), take a little of the Growth Balm foam and start applying it to the beard area. Repeat until all the foam on your hand has been used up.
  5. Wash your hands well with soap to avoid taking the Growth Balm to unwanted areas, such as the ears or nose!

As you can clearly see, it's not difficult to apply the Growth Balm, so don't start worrying that you might be "doing it wrong." Actually, it is not. As long as you apply it on the skin, and keep it on it for 4 hours, it is more than enough. After four hours, and once the effect of the Minoxidil has worn off, you can rinse it off or wash it off and apply a little lotion or face cream if necessary. Some choose not to wash the Minoxidil off, leaving it until the next application, and that's fine. You can even apply it at night, let it dry to prevent it from sticking to your pillow, and then go to sleep.

beard growth

Eventually you can experience dryness, a possible side effect that anyone can have, for which you will need to prepare a moisturizing routine. Make sure to drink more water than usual and use a moisturizing facial lotion or oil. Some people may experience better skin within the first couple of weeks of using Minoxidil, but almost everyone experiences dryness at some point.

Now that you know what to expect and how to use Minoxidil, you have to remember: patience. This is very important when it comes to people who are skeptical about the benefit of Growth Balm and moving forward on their Minoxidil journey.

Everyone is different when it comes to treatment progress with Minoxidil Beard Growth Balm, regardless of lifestyle or daily routine.

Of the hundreds of brothers we've seen on the Minoxidil journey, each one is different and unique in how fast or slow a beard grows; even two brothers can have drastically different results - but they all have one thing in common: eventually the beard sprouts. You may start to see a tiny hair in the first two weeks, or it may happen after two months. Be patient, constant, and you will succeed.


  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    Es un gran producto el único efecto secundario es que te hirrita la piel y en otros casos produce espenias…

  • Francisco Jaime

    Doctor yo hace 6 meses utilize le Minoxidil solución utopíca y el único efectos secundarios fue que se me bajo la tensión y me sentía super mareado, mi pregunta es porque razón me sucedió esto?

  • César Ledezma

    Saludos desde Venezuela ,si me aplicó solo 0,5 ml de minoxidil para hacer crecer la barba en ves de de 1 ml me funcionaria igual

  • Gustavo Gus

    Me lo aplique en el culo y ya no tengo pelos.

  • Anónimo

    Funciona para hacer crecer vello corporal en otras partes como pecho, brazos, axilas?

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