Stylist, barber or hairdresser, who do you go with regularly? Do you know the difference between each? Like everything in life, each one has its function and can help you improve your style. Learn in which cases you can go with any of them.

Barber. A man whose job is to shave, cut and fix men's beards , mustaches and hair ... as the priorities are listed, it is the order of their aptitudes, we are not saying that they are not good at cutting hair, but simply theirs is the beard and the mustache , so if you are looking to have a style in your beard, you know who to go with.

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Barber. Person whose job is to comb , cut and fix hair . This professional only has knowledge about hair , so you should only put yourself in his hands if you want to give general maintenance to your hair; they don't have as fine a touch as stylists.

Stylist. Person whose job is to take care of style and image . As his name says, he is a person who seeks to give people style , taking into account the type of face, body and personality . They pay a lot of attention to facets in which hairdressers or barbers are not so meticulous, for example, retaking the appearance of the face, its alignment and even the distribution of each of its parts, which make a look look perfect. .

Depending on your tastes, you will know who to contact to achieve the look you want. If you know a friend who is lost on the subject, and does not know where to go to improve their image, share this info.

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  • Nancy Lopez Laboy

    Buenos dias, saludos desde Puerto Rico. Me encanta educarme actualmente estoy estudiando barberia y soy cosmetologa . Pero en este otro campo de la belleza me lo estor disfrutando mucho. Aprendiendo y ejecutando es fabuloso . Bueno encontre tu informacion buscando otra informacion y ya te solicite en FB ya que encontre valiosa tu infomacion ya que se trata de salud. Mucgas gracias!

  • daniel rogelio delgado

    hola hice una compra y no he tenido respuesta

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