Improve your look in no time. Millions of different hairstyles millions of styles and we always find ourselves stuck in the same 4 hairstyles. This is where hair pomade and hair wax come into their own. It may be because we don't dare to something different or because we don't know how to achieve that style.
This is where help comes a way, very few people know the differences between hair wax, pomade and gel .

Hair wax . If you want a look like you just woke up, this is the product you should use, most of the time the wax has a matte finish, so it is perfect to give that messy look.

Hair Pomade . Pomades are the best products to make hair look and stay all day, you can give from messy styles to super classic styles. There are two ointments:

Water based. The new pomades, easier to remove from the hair, give you an excellent fixation.

Oil based. Due to its consistency it gives a greater fixation and you will have to work harder to wash your hair, you can get excellent styles such as pompadour, quiff, slickback, undercut, ducktail.

Hair gel . It is definitely the best known of all, since we were little we used it. It is a little more liquid than the water-based pomade, it leaves a wet effect and there are several fixations, almost always when you dry the hair it tends to be fixed without flexibility, obviously depending on the fixation.


Hair cream . Also known as hair paste, it is an intermediate point between wax and pomade, they usually leave the hair with a quite natural tone, similar to matte but with a little more shine, in the same way it comes in a range of fixings from medium to strong. Creams are very useful in medium/long hair styles where a hard finish is not wanted.
I knew that this question was around the world and no one answered it correctly, so we all investigated here at and decided to put all the information in one place.



  • Rafael

    Gracias por la información!
    Qué hay acerca del uso de cera o pomada si quiero usar un tratamiento anti-caída?? No se puede verdad?? :(

  • Federico

    Hola Jose! muchísimas gracias por tu comentario vamos a ponernos a trabajar en eso cuanto antes! Saludos

  • José Gutiérrez

    Pueden vender el tónico para hacer crecer cabello de los laboratorios Gris, que antes los fabricaban en shampoo y ahora lo cambiaron por tónico pero contiene Minoxidil; una substancia médica que si hace crecer el cabello (comprobado clínicamente). Lo anterior es porque Grisi no tiene forma de ser contactado y si Ustedes pueden distribuirlo, anunciando sus propiedades médicas reales obviamente los hombres vamos a comprarlo, empezando por mí, que si logran hacer un acuerdo con los mencionados Laboratorios sería un éxito para su compañía y ayudarían increíblemente a sus clientes. Gracias de antemano. Espero su contestación a la brevedad posible. Gracias de nuevo.

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