14 mistakes you don't know you're making when you shave


How many days can I use the same razor? Do I shave against the grain? How do I dry? How much aftershave? You thought you did it well, but... How should you shave?

The reality is that everyone knows how to do it... but badly. Well, some worse than others; perhaps you, over the years, have acquired enough skill not to end up with a face full of toilet paper covering the cuts. So take note and learn from your mistakes:

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1-. You use any temperature of water to shave or you don't use water.

If at any time in your life you have shaved in a steam you would know what we mean, right in the first moment when you started to shave in the steam you said something like “woooow because I have never done it before, this is so smooth ”, but if you haven't had the fortune to shave in a steamer you can do a few tricks to even out the feel and feel.

Don't worry, we are not going to ask you to leave the water on and make a steam in your bathroom, it would be extremely irresponsible on our part to make you spend so much water, but what you can do is heat the water until it is lukewarm (throwing hot) and use it to heat and open the pores of your face, this way you will make the razor go through more easily.

two-. Use the force (not the Star Wars force) to pull out a buried hair.

It is likely that with that excessive pressure you will be able to get out the stubborn hairs, but it is also very likely that by getting your small and insignificant hair, you will be able to make your whole face irritated and you will be left with those red marks for more than 24 hours, so Don't be too clever and follow this advice. Apply more hot water to the area you are trying to conquer, apply more lather, wait a minute and then gently razor . This will save you from having to look like a 6-year-old who doesn't know how to shave.

3-. Dry off like you have a date with your crush and you forgot. (bone fast)

After you've gone through all the shaving steps to perfection, you can mess it up at goodbye and close with something seemingly as simple as rubbing your face sloppily with a towel. The ideal way to dry is to pat the shaved area with the towel, gently, not as if you want to dry each pore of your face.

4-. I shave against the grain

Knowing how to shave against the grain is an art, so we highly recommend using one of our guides on how to shave against the hair so you don't suffer from irritation (learn more about how to shave against the hair here) . If you pass the blade in the opposite direction, the blade goes much faster and you hurry more, although it is normal that you also get "jump the pore". In barber language it is said that the pore jumps when the typical point of blood comes out after the blade has passed through it.

5.- I shave in five minutes, and I have #¢∞÷“

I think by now you've realized that shaving is not something a monkey could do, so we ask that you be patient and plan your morning routine so you can look flawless all day. This routine only takes you 15 minutes, if it can be a good one, but believe me it's worth it, so you'll look like a puberty in your 30s.

6-. I buy the cheapest machine / rake

Shaving costs a bit of money, you already knew that, right? But this is because the world has evolved and we no longer get polio with razors like your great-great-grandfather or grandfather did, so if you go and buy the first razor in your Super that you find, we cannot guarantee that you will have the results you expect, since their quality is rubbish and that is why they last so little. So invest a little and buy a razor or machine that will actually do justice to the face you have..

7-. You use one hand to shave and the other to hold the sink

Maybe you thought it wasn't necessary, but when you shave you always have to use both hands. One moves the machine/rake , while the other hand follows and is dedicated to stretching the skin. “Always, always, you have to stretch the skin through which the razor is going to pass. A lot of people don't and that's why they don't get a good shave."

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8-. You look in a front mirror

The normal thing is to shave in front of a mirror anchored on the bathroom wall, but those do not have three dimensions and your face does. To be able to see all the corners of your face, you should use one of those with an arm, which moves and you can turn it around. This way you get to see all the areas of your face, since there are points that are blind.

9-. I match my sideburns seeing one cheek and then the other

The first thing you have to do to get your sideburns to stay at the same height is not to trust your face. Above all, be wary of the height of the ears, which is what is usually used as a visual reference when shaping them. You have to draw an imaginary line from the nose and calculate from there, it is difficult not to make a mistake, but with practice and trying different heights, you can get sideburns as perfect as Elvis's.

10-. If I have a pimple on my face I pass the razor over it

During adolescence, for some, using the blade seemed like a good method to get rid of acne (these now have faces as if they had had the pox). Fortunately, when you are older, the pimples are few, but some may fall out, or maybe a hair becomes encrusted. A terrible option is to pass the knife over it and thus decapitate it. In wounds , alum stones can be used, which closes the pores and is natural. The most important thing is to be excessively careful when shaving in that area, and avoid passing the blade through where you have a wound, so that it does not get infected. It's also important to have a good Band-Aid handy, just in case.

eleven-. I move the electric razor as if it were a knife

Bad news: TV commercials have lied to you because electric razors are not good for daily shaving. Some almost succeed, but they still have a long way to go to reach the perfection of the razor . If you use the electric to shave you will not get a rushed result. The ideal is to combine it with the blade; if you have a long beard, the electric one is the best to trim before shaving. The fact that the electric one is a complement is discovered after trying it for a few days, although it can be a very good one if it moves correctly on the face. You have to handle it in circles, making small circumferences on the face. That's how it cuts, it shows in the sound. Doing it from top to bottom, like brushstrokes, only makes sense at the end, to review. As for the round movements, the ads do tell the truth.

12-. I use a huge amount of Aftershave even if I have sensitive skin

The aftershave thing (the lotion that is applied after shaving) comes from the time when you had to pour alcohol on the face to avoid infections from cuts, but today, it is not a product that is always indicated. If you are one of those who have sensitive skin, avoid those offers in which they give you the aftershave with the cologne pack: “Those aftershaves usually use the fragrance formula and have alcohol. It is much better to apply aftershave more natural products, balms or lotions with aloe vera, or you can simply use one of our alcohol-free aftershaves . Remember alcohol is only good for parties, not for your face.

13-. I shave with the same machine 6 months ago.

The worst of all facial redness is caused by a worn out machine. As it does not cut, it is insisted on, which causes a vicious circle of pressure and rash. Added to this is the dirt that accumulates, which increases the chances of catching an infection that can only be fixed with a prescription to buy antibiotics (if we talk about rusty razors , we talk about tetanus). How often should the blade be changed? The key is in the moisturizing band that it includes: its wear is an indicator of the state in which it is found. But a razor that is used two or three times a week will not last more than fifteen days clarifying that everything depends on the quality of the machine, if you use the ones from the supermarket, do not wait more than that time. There is another mistake of those that almost nobody recognizes out loud, and that is to use the same blade with which you shave your face for other, more... intimate areas of the body. This is defined in one word: aberration.

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14-. I shave every day

This error can be controversial, because it is not your fault anyway. Perhaps you have no choice because your boss has not yet understood that, with a two-day beard, you are even more attractive to customers. Although it is obvious that the level of irritation is higher for someone who shaves daily, it can be softened with a good preshave : first a shower to open the pores, or hot water on the face, and, before the foam, an oil of preshave . A daily shave requires more products and, consequently, more minutes, although the real problem is for those with sensitive skin, or normal skin, but at a time when it is irritated. In that case, you have to take breaks between shaving and shaving, and always pass the blade in favor of the hair. It also highlights the importance of using moisturizing cream daily, the best way to avoid future redness when the skin is not so favorable. Changing your boss, or recommending SoyMacho.com to him so that he understands a little more, doesn't hurt either.

I hope these tips have been useful to you, you know that I am always here to help you.

Frederick G.


  • lupe

    y que hay de la gente que utiliza una maquina solo para rebajar la barba y pocas veces utilizan el rastrillo ya que no les agrada como se ven completamente rasurados? Afecta esto el crecimiento de una barba larga? En lo personal me sale la barba muy tupida pero me es muy dificil dejarla ya que para las 2 o 3 semanas comienza a irritar y no crece mucho de largo.

    gracias por sus atenciones

  • ernesto

    Para una razuradora clasica, tengo una merkur de navaja sencilla, uso la navaja Gillete,
    cuando hay que cambiar la navaja, y si con darle la vuelta a la navaja se puede utilizar mas?

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