Do beards really keep you warm in the winter?


Some guys just see beards as a fall/winter look…

and summer comes and the beard goes away.


Most men think that a beard will make them uncomfortably hot in the warmer months. This misconception is totally understandable. After all, during the winter, a beard does a great job of keeping the icy wind away from your handsome face.


Does that fur on your face really make a difference in temperature in the summer?

Are you going to die of heat if you have a beard?

The Wall Street Journal cited a Chinese study that found that the upper lips of 100 participants with facial hair were, on average, one degree warmer than the lips of those who were clean-shaven. Therefore, it can be argued that a beard will make the covered areas of your face a bit warmer (which is great in winter).

BUT, to those of you who have sported beards in the summer, you know that when a breeze blows through your beard, the temperature drops. So also many men argue that in summer the beard does not make them hot, on the contrary, they feel cooler. Why is that?

It's all thanks to evaporative cooling.

Basically, when air blows over, or better yet, through water, it cools it down. This concept is used in certain types of air conditioners and a beard looks like one.

Your beard keeps moisture from sweat close to your face. When the breeze blows in, you feel nice and cool.

Regardless of the length and seasonal change, you should keep your beard and skin well hydrated during the summer months.

Proper beard care is key!

The best way to do this is with a facial moisturizer. And for those looking for a boost of smoothness, you should put on a light layer of beard oil.


We want all bearded men to be able to enjoy their beard in winter or summer, recognizing that it is a GREAT ally in both seasons and that they should not sacrifice their effort and investment at the end of the season, just take the risk to take better and better care of yourself.


  • RPLA

    Is the treatment of head hair and beard almost the same? And can the beard experience problems such as fungus that occurs on the head?
    Regard Telkom University

  • Gerardo Lujan Huerta

    Mi deseo ha sido siempre tener un barba bien formada y desde luego con un mantenimiento exelente

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