The ways to shape your mustache and what product to use

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The ways to shape your mustache and what product to use

It's amazing how December begins and we all want a mustache , but that's not bad, what's wrong is the fact that people grow their mustaches and it looks extremely bad, that's why we decided to help them out and give them some tips for have the perfect mustache .

It is important that the chosen style suits our face and features, just like a haircut. Therefore:

– If you have a thin face, your mustache cannot be long because it would further reduce your features.

– A mustache the same length as the mouth helps to balance the upper lip thus achieving the right look.

– With a very large round or square face, the small mustache disproportionate your image, you can try a larger mustache.

The following image shows you part of the variety of styles that exist for the mustache:

Types of Mustache SoyMacho

The third and final step is day-to-day maintenance. Once you know how to cut and style your mustache, it will be part of your routine. We recommend you to have a " mustache kit ", which should include:

  1. Shaving cream : comfortable to trim the mustache because it softens the hair very well and allows you to see where you will cut with precision, which reduces the probability of error.

  1. A mustache comb : it is good if you have a mustache-specific one, which is smaller and the fibers are closer together.

  1. Mustache wax : the famous mustache waxes are slightly stronger waxes than the ones you use for your hair, which gives you much greater hold and greater control over your mustache, they will help you have the style you want for longer.

So you no longer have excuses to look bad if you grow a mustache, many people may criticize you, but they are people who do not raffle to do different things and their opinion will never matter to us.

always a treat

Federico G.

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