What is the correct way to shave? Part 1

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what is the correct way to shave?

We all suffer from many things in life, but one of the biggest problems that men suffer is shaving , it is very simple, we cut ourselves, we get irritated, we get pimples, millions of problems. That is why we decided to list the steps that you must follow if you want to eliminate these sufferings.

It's just 10 simple steps to shave that will change your life.

1-. Make sure your beard is completely wet

One of the keys to a good, irritation-free shave is to make sure your beard is completely wet. Facial hair will absorb moisture up to 30% of its volume . Water-swollen hair becomes very weak and therefore easier to cut. Bathing before shaving is the ideal way to ensure your beard is properly moistened. If a shower is not possible, rinse your face and then apply a warm wet towel to your face for at least a couple of minutes. This is the technique used by hairdressers. Never cold shave or apply shaving products to dry skin - this is one of the main causes of skin breakdown and rash.


two-. Use a quality shaving cream

Use a shaving cream that has a high concentration of lubricants and moisturizers. The best shaving creams create a rich creamy lather and don't foam up like the cheaper drugstore brands. The less "foam" in the shaving cream, the better, as it is what is in contact with the skin and beard that matters - everything else is wasted. Less drag, less irritation also means a longer lasting blade! While the main function of shaving cream is to lubricate your face so that the razor glides smoothly and effortlessly across the entire surface, it also serves to lock moisture into the whiskers , keeping them smooth and straight, groomed. for the cut. The ideal scenario is to leave the shaving cream on the face for at least a minute before starting the cut, so the beard is as smooth and moist as possible.

3-. Use a brush, it is the best tool to shave

One of the best tools you can use to get the perfect shave is a shaving brush (as the best barbers do). A shaving brush does a couple of things;

  • First of all, it helps to raise the hair so that it is as close a cut as possible.
  • Second, it helps create a rich, creamy lather, with the shaving cream staying close to the skin. Y,
  • helps remove dead skin cells (exfoliation), which reduces the chance of blemishes, razor cuts and also helps skin look and feel smooth and healthy.

Always look for a shaving brush with bristles that have the perfect balance between softness (to create a rich creamy lather that stays close to the skin) and resistance to lifting the beard (making a closer cut easier!).

4-. How you apply the shaving cream matters!

Apply the shaving cream with the brush in a circular motion ending in an upward stroke to help lift the stubble up and away from the face.

5-. Buy yourself a quality rake and change the blades

Always use a good quality sharp razor blade. Make sure the disc is sharp. You're not just cutting hair, you're also scraping up to two layers of top skin when you shave . A dull razor is one of the biggest contributors to skin breakdown and cuts. Depending on the coarseness of your beard, change the razor blade somewhere between three and ten shaves, if you shave every day. Two weeks is too long to go without changing blades. Regardless of the number of shaves, if the blade is worn, you change it.

Rinse your blade with hot water before you start shaving and after every stroke between strokes. This removes accumulated shaving cream and dirt from the skin. The use of hot water here is to help lubricate, it has nothing to do with "killing bacteria."

Part 2 will come in a few days...

This article is so important that we decided to split it into 2 parts so that you have time to analyze and even buy what you need, during the following days the continuation of the article will come. Stay alert.

Here is the 2nd part! ----> see the second part click here

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    Que tal, me gustaría saber como hago para mantener una barba al ras de forma correcta, es decir, que no se vea solo como si llevara un par de días sin afeitarme.

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