What actually is beard minoxidil? [Updated August 2020]


Beard minoxidil is the secret ingredient in products that help you achieve the ideal beard .

For more than 50 years, in the glorious decades of the 60's, Minoxidil emerged, this chemical agent was responsible for treating high blood pressure, but now we use it for beard growth , how did it happen? We set out to investigate and found this.

For a long time, Minoxidil was used to treat patients with high blood pressure, since it allowed better blood circulation through the bloodstream, being used as a dilator vessel to facilitate its transport. Curiously, the only problem that had been found with this treatment was that hair grew on certain surfaces of the skin; that treatment was administered orally and not applied in a cream or gel as today.

There are scientific studies that point to Minoxidil as a stimulant of hair follicles giving way to beard growth; sample of its results, are the thousands of men using it and receiving unimaginable results. Most claim to be seeing hair grow in the applied areas after a while, it should be noted that this time is a matter of months or even years for some. We present you some questions and answers that our comrades have asked the most, and they will surely be of help to you.

What actually is beard minoxidil? [Updated August 2020]

How much Minoxidil for beard do I have to apply daily?

At SoyMacho.com we have a wide range of growth balm options such as: The Shaving Company Beard Growth Balm and Don Porfirio 's Growth Balm, Vigoro 's Growth Balm or Man Made's Growth Balm . Each of these has different properties and presentations. You can read the comparison we made of all the balms here .

The Shaving Company is a gel that has 5% Noxidil and you only apply it ONCE a day, preferably at night.
Don Porfirio's growth balm comes in a lotion presentation with a pump that you must apply twice a day.
On the other hand, you should apply the de Vigoro Minoxidil 5% balm once a day. And the Man Made balm that has Minoxdil and essential oils that moisturize your skin can be used twice a day (morning and night)

What is the proper percentage amount of minoxidil for my beard that you recommend?

We highly recommend using an amount that is not greater than 5%, several of the studies that we have been doing say that exceeding that 5% can have side effects for your face and health, so we always recommend using a percentage of either 3% or 5%. following the indications of each product.

In some rare cases, when using Minoxidil you may experience dizziness, headaches, irritation and dry skin, if that is your case we recommend you stop using it or buy one with a lower concentration. You could also try a balm without Minoxidil with active ingredients such as Bioxidil® , such as the one from Babra Negra . Or with a mixture of natural ingredients like Quio'co .

What actually is beard minoxidil? [Video]

How to apply minoxidil for beard growth? [Infographic]

What actually is beard minoxidil?

Products with minoxidil to grow your beard [August 2020]

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    Me interesa adquirir algunos de sus productos en especial el bálsamo para la barba (the saving company) pero tengo una duda espero me la puedan resolver para así poder adquirir el producto. Mi duda es la siguiente :
    Para aplicar el bálsamo es necesario rasurarme , o lo puedo aplicar aún teniendo barba?????? Gracias y espero su respuesta

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    Existe un producto llamado SPECTRAL DNCL con minoxidil al 5 % buenísimo y lo mejor de precio accesible a mi me ayudo mucho y ahora tengo la barba completa

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