Which minoxidil is more effective for the beard?

Which minoxidil is more effective for the beard?


Much has been said about treatments to grow a beard , since this situation affects a large number of men of various ages, and although there are actually many factors behind it, in addition to our modern pace of life, such as stress, food, in some cases even the trades that can be performed, the beard may not grow as we expect.

There is a considerable diversity of treatments on the market that contain minoxidil, as an active agent to grow a beard and as an aid in other problems such as hair loss, and many contain Minoxidil, so we bring you which minoxidil is most effective for the beard?

This is undoubtedly a delicate issue that for many men comes to affect emotionally, or in their self-esteem, because without a doubt, the hair or also the growth of the beard, helps to give that manly appearance that many want to keep as long as possible. possible, and under this desire, the medical industry as well as the personal care industry has created treatments of various types to help men from all over the world with these problems, because it is true, many men as good machos always seek to show off our manly look like our fur.  

Obviously, with the variety of treatments that have come onto the market, there have been some that have become popular due to the results, the testimonials that support them, or the costs that make it affordable to have a treatment that will surely be for a long time, because the Treatments for beard growth, according to the specifications of each one, indicate that remarkable results are seen after a few months, and in some cases they have stood out for their effectiveness.

There are several treatments with minoxidil, as well as modes of application, which is why the question arises as to which minoxidil is most effective for the beard? Because while it is true that minoxidil is effective, one might think that certain applications produce better results than others, so let's start by talking about what minoxidil is.

What is minoxidil?

This medication is a vasodilator, meaning that its use stimulates the arterial vessels, and initially it was used to treat high blood pressure (it was given to the patient orally). After seeing its results, the doctors realized that in considerable groups of patients it stimulated the growth of hair and body hair. For this reason, it began to be used to treat cases of alopecia and as a powerful aid for beard growth , which greatly changed its original use.

However, this is the only drug approved and recognized since 1988 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration or US Department of Food and Drugs) as an auxiliary treatment for beard growth and also for alopecia.

This medicine reveals that it is formulated with a piperidine derivative, which is an organic compound that promotes the assimilation of nutrients, such as potassium and oxygen, through the dermis and follicular units, a fundamental structure in its life cycle and growth, of body hair and hair according to scientific research.

What is minoxidil used for?

Minoxidil as we have mentioned is mainly used for beard growth and as a supportive treatment for baldness . Initially it was administered orally, but later a new formulation was developed to apply it topically on the areas where you want to stimulate beard growth.

having the same vasodilator effect, which is the effect with which it was created, but it acts at the base of the hair follicle, which is the part of the skin where hair grows, where it performs capillary microcirculation. That is to say: it improves blood circulation and with it carries more oxygen to the follicle.

This maximizes the optimal conditions for facial hair to grow back, as long as the follicle remains healthy.

#Minoxidil is one of the best known medicines, which has already shown results in the #growth of the beard, its use is extended in various products such as the balm for the growth and care of the #beard, as well as the application gel a little more extensive, that although some point out that there is a drug with better efficacy than minoxidil, it has been successfully applied in other formulas and products, and although for many there is the question of how to apply minoxidil to the beard, later we will give you more details of your application.

How to apply minoxidil?

This drug for topical use , that is, it is used directly on the skin, is indicated for moderate hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia, that is, common baldness; how to use minoxidil also depends on the problem you have or want to address.

How to apply minoxidil on the beard

It is applied throughout the area that is being searched, which can extend from the first hair lines, at the entrances, to the crown, at the top of the head.

How to use minoxidil? Its most common mode of use, as a solution or foam for topical application, is applied by gently massaging the areas of the beard where you want to stimulate beard growth once or twice a day.

How to apply minoxidil on the beard also depends on what product is used for it, as well as the medical indications you have, but it is generally applied by gently anointing the skin in the areas to be stimulated, although it is true that how to apply minoxidil on The beard can vary in quantities, times and indications and this is an important point for the treatment to be effective.

There is the application in tonic , or in balm that have shown very good results, of course it also depends on the need you have for your growth, you could also use it more intensively with some treatment with more products that amplify the application and enhance the results.

It is clear that the question arises: Which minoxidil is more effective for the beard? Obviously it varies depending on the need you have, the product to choose, among other factors, but it is important that you have treatments and products with minoxidil with the best quality. .

How to apply minoxidil on the beard [Video 2020]

However, despite its fame, the results of minoxidil are not instantaneous and facial hair growth appears three or four months after the start of treatment, although each patient may show particularities, so the periods may be different.

In the case of stopping treatment for any reason, it is most likely that the thickening of the follicular units will not occur and your beard will not grow thick and with the volume you are looking for.

Where to buy minoxidil?

There are several options in which one can buy this medicine or drugs that contain it, such as pharmacies, supermarkets as well as wholesale stores, or also in portals specialized in the lifestyle of men such as SoyMacho.com

And although as we have mentioned, it is thought that there are other drugs with better efficacy than minoxidil, although until now, none with such acceptance in its use as minoxidil.

We hope we have answered questions regarding its use, such as how to use minoxidil, or how to apply minoxidil to the beard, because the truth is that this drug is used by thousands of people daily to help beard growth and achieve that manly look. that every man wants.


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