Doesn't your beard grow as you want? We give you the best advice!


For eternity the beard has been a symbol of men, here we will tell you what exactly you need to grow the perfect beard .

We always look for a style, either because fashion has changed or because we simply want to try something new, but the big question comes here, what would happen if the style that I like doesn't work out for me? This is when my help comes in handy. (See our tips to take care of your beard )

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During the next paragraph you will discover the best way to have the beard style you want, so pay attention.

The key word here is Minoxidil , what is this? It's very easy, it's a chemical agent that makes hair grow, wherever you want... (although I don't recommend it much for the palms of the hands, nobody is cool with hair in the palms of the hands). So when they tell you that a product helps you grow a beard, the first thing you have to do is look for that word in the list of ingredients.

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With that said, I will give you two recommendations that my friends have personally tried and have had incredible results.

Woodsman Growth Balm The Woodsman - Extra Strong Beard and Mustache Growth Balm 5 % 75g has a cream texture, which is formulated with the active ingredient minoxidil that stimulates the growth of your beard, it also has natural ingredients that are beneficial for your facial hair and skin, including aloe vera and castor oil

Growth Balm The Shaving Company

The Shaving Company Beard and Mustache Growth Balm : gel base for greater absorption, contains Argan oil for beard and facial hair care, apply once a day ... (See more)

QUIO'CO - BEARD AND MUSTACHE GROWTH STIMULANT CREAM 60G The growth balm in Quio'co presentation - Growth Stimulating Cream for beard and mustache, was created thinking of those gentlemen who want to have a beard or fill in those gaps without hair, he devised this follicle-stimulating cream, an active substance that acts as a vasodilator stimulating hair growth in the facial area where there is little or no hair, achieving a uniform and abundant beard. (See more)

The Regrowe - Growth Balm of B Regrowe - 5% Growth Balm Beard and Mustache at 5% is the invention that will make you have the beard and mustache you've always wanted. Minoxidil , active ingredient that allows results to be obtained from the first month of use. Easy to apply similar to a face cream, each bottle contains the ideal amount to last a month with a daily application. The minoxidil content of this product is 5% and contains essential oils that will achieve the effect you are looking for. (See more)

So with these recommendations I hope you have the style you always wanted.


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  • sergio

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