4 steps to make the woman you like crazy about you


4 steps to make the girl you like crazy about you

It is a fact that with the passage of time the tastes of women towards us are changing, becoming more demanding and analysts of every detail that they observe us. It is also true that when there is an attractive woman near us, there will be as many men trying to conquer her and fighting to get her attention above all others.

It is at that moment where the great rivalry of egos is generated and each man will try to get the best of himself to make it his own.

That's when you come in, like a man, and show them why she deserves you and not everyone else! , but be careful! Any mistake you make can take you away from her and you will continue to be what no one wants to be, her "good friend".

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That is why we have the best and most efficient tips to make her fall in love and be the owner of her heart.

Approach safely:

This is the first and most important step.

As we all know, women are aware of everything, from your body movements to what you say or how you behave; That is why they will always be analyzing you and you have to show yourself strong, brave and capable of dominating any situation.

They will love that and they will feel comfortable and safe by your side.

Also do not forget to look presentable, as well as being neat and smelling good, that is basic.

Look her in the eye and listen passively:

Many times that's when we relapse and we are not able to achieve a connection with each other. Why it happens? , because we beat our desire to surprise them and we don't let them speak as they would like.

All women love to be listened to and what better way than to vent to someone who understands them and is affectionate with them, so let them speak and take advantage of the guidelines that she gives you to give her advice or comments that she would like to hear.

Laugh and make her laugh:

If something can fascinate the women of this planet, it is that they make them laugh and not just their friends, but the man they like.

This is why it is important that when you talk with her you show your pleasant side and when you exchange ideas you always look for something funny, that can make her smile and die of laughter with you. That will ensure that when he is not with you and remembers you for any reason, he assimilates it with something nice and feels the famous "butterflies in his stomach" for you. But water!, don't become a clown either, you can bore her with so much show.

Talk about interesting topics

As we have already mentioned, women love to be heard, but on the other hand, they do not want a piece of furniture as a partner.

That is why when you speak to him, show your intellectual side and not only your beautiful face, because beauty tires but learning does not. So read, listen to music, watch videos on the internet, turn on the radio, in short, the point is to cultivate yourself so that when you talk to people and especially with them, you show your wise side and are not just one of the crowd.

By taking her to your topics of interest you will have her entertained and in a few minutes she will be drooling over you.

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For many this is irrelevant, but they are wrong, it is as important as the previous points.

If we as conquerors manage to touch her without her being scared or uncomfortable, and cause her to touch us, it is because we are doing our job properly, so as advice, take advantage of those precise moments where you think it is optimal to hold her hand, the leg, or by virtue of it, give him a kiss on the cheek.

Keep in mind that when you start doing this kind of thing they have already spent some time together and that the love they have for each other allows them to get rid of that sorrow that costs us so much work.

It is always a pleasure to be able to give you advice on life, I hope it has been to your liking, remember that good things are shared, so if you have a brother who can help you with this advice, send it to him.

Frederick G.


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