Why moisturize your face and beard?

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Imagine a pair of leather boots worn day after day, exposed to the scorching sun, dry wind, dust and dirt.
What happens if you don't properly care for and condition those boots?
I think you have the answer my bro...
Exactly, it dries up and cracks. Deep cracks form and the leather begins to look tired and worn.
The same thing happens to your skin.
If you have a beard, it also dries out and deteriorates. Split ends form, and a man's facial hair that was once healthy and silky can deteriorate into a mess.
There is nothing else to worry about but this aspect. Introducing a daily facial moisturizer into your routine can quickly turn the tide in your favor. And the truth is that doing this is a MUST.

The moisturizer is the base and the beard oil adds additional benefits for the beard.

But to reap the full benefits and deep hydration, start with a clean canvas . Wash your beard! For your facial moisturizer and beard oil to fully work their magic, they need to be able to penetrate your skin, so it's important that you wash your face once or twice a day.
The skin of the face, if you are not used to wearing a beard, usually suffers when we let facial hair grow. It lacks hydration , it is irritated by the itching of the hairs that curl as they grow and can flake off and cause dandruff.
We will soon give you the solution, with the new oils that we are preparing for you, you will love them and your beard too.
Wait for them soon!

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