If You Exercise... Why Are You Fat?

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If You Exercise...Why Are You Fat?

If You Exercise...Why Are You Fat?

This question can be asked by anyone, even you ask yourself. Don't slow down your progress by ignoring the mistakes you mostly make while exercising. Surely you realize when someone does something wrong, however, finding the mistakes in others is easier than recognizing the mistakes of oneself. Correct your bad habits and get better results with what you propose in your exercise routine and your short and long term goals. The first step to change is to recognize what you do wrong, and then change the bad habits. Here are some things you do without knowing that are killing your progress; pending to them.

  • You talk more than you train
  • You have been in the gym for a long time, you meet several friends and everyone greets you, however, the gym is not the place to socialize. Here you come to fulfill your daily routine. After finishing it and doing what you came to do, set aside a day and an hour to talk and have a few beers with friends.

  • You need to be more intense
  • Sometimes we perform the exercises without encouragement or with little intensity. You need to get your heart rate consistent to burn fat and build muscle. You can listen to music to give a consistent intensity to your routine.

  • You only do cardio
  • When you focus exclusively on cardio, you're looking to reduce your body fat - and that's fine - here the downside is when you don't do exercises that stimulate your muscles and build endurance. Choose to use machines or lift weights appropriate to your strength.

    Do not consult your doubts in diet and routine

    If you want to increase, lose, burn fat and create muscle, it is important to consult a professional. Nutritionists and personal trainers are your mentors for this stage of your life. With the help of them you can establish a proper diet for your age, weight and height; all according to the needs of your body. In short, things are done well or they are not done; avoid physical exhaustion by dieting and extreme exercises.

    “I want Abdominals and Arms Marked”

    By this I mean that you only work one area of ​​your body. Some men focus a lot on developing their upper body muscles, understand the muscles you first see in the mirror, however, having well shaped arms, back and abs but skinny legs does not look good . I work your whole body , you will look much better than you think.

  • The same routine like always
  • Monotony bores you and bores your body too. When we perform the same exercises in a row, the body adapts and then does not achieve significant changes. For this reason you should diversify your exercise routine so that the body remains interested in what you have to offer.

    The Heavy Ego

    When you try to perform exercises outside of your ability or want to lift weights that are too heavy, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself. We know that inside you want to lift 70-pound weights because your ego says that's nothing, however, think twice before doing it, it's not pleasant to be injured.


    Some weeks are harder than others because we don't get the results we want. This process of meeting goals sometimes becomes laborious, but be patient and little by little you will see the results. You can take photos and document the change process that are not so easily seen.

  • “Stretching is a waste of time”
  • Your body must be prepared before starting an intense exercise routine, so it is very important to do all the stretching exercises before and after a routine. You need to prepare your body before and after an intense exercise session , don't do it to save time, save yourself a hard time.

    Always a treat.

    Frederick G.

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    • Pilar Cantarero

      Muy buen artículo, aquí están claramente explicadas las razones por las cuales una persona no está logrando el estado físico que se desea, para alcanzar ese cuerpo ideal, hay que definir una meta clara, la cual debe contener diversas estrategias y actividades, si se actúa con disciplina, se obtendrán buenos resultados.

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