What type of facial hair do women prefer?

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There is a right way to grow that beard. Women prefer them with a beard, since according to women a well-groomed and outlined beard gives a more manly and attractive style. If your beard grows too high on your cheeks, trim it off making sure your beard starts below your cheekbones, parallel to your jawline.

Women love stubble

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Particularly the growth that equates to about ten days without shaving. Based on this research, women rated the thick beard. Thus, a man with a beard will be more attractive to the opposite sex when beards are not the norm, and a clean-shaven man will be more attractive to the opposite sex when everyone is wearing facial hair. (So ​​don't go rubbing your chin with Minoxidil just yet.) This explains why beard styles come in and out of fashion so often. As the most desirable and most indicative of maturity, dominance and aggression.

More attractive facial hair options

Level of Maintenance Involved: To achieve a clean-shaven look, you need to be willing to shave your face every few days. The exact time depends on how fast the facial hair grows. For the pinnacle of clean shaves, try your hand at a straight razor. And of course you will also need a good moisturizer.

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Opinion: A clean-shaven man plays it safe, but not necessarily in a bad way. He's smart and timely, and he has a 9-5 job that requires him to look approachable. You can't go wrong with a clean shave. We'd give it a 6 on the sexy facial hair scale.

Men's Facial Hair Style: Light Beard

Level of maintenance involved: This can vary for each man, depending on the way his hair grows. Some men may be blessed with perfectly even hair. Most of you, however, may have hair that grows in patches or varying levels of thickness and will therefore need some shaping to achieve a nice beard and stubble look effortlessly. You can do this by removing all hair outside the natural growing areas of your face, including the upper cheeks, lower neck, etc. Use a set of scissors 1 or 2 times a week to maintain your beard or it could appear disheveled.

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Opinion: Women love beards of various types. Just make sure your job allows it. Some offices only accept clean-shaven faces and mature facial hair, leaving little room for experimentation in between.

Male Facial Hair Style: Heavy Stubble

Level of maintenance involved: As a light stubble, this will vary based on your biology. You will most likely need to maintain its shape and trim the length every couple of days so that it stays neat, rather than scruffy.

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Opinion: This particular kind of facial hair style looks very masculine and exudes just the right amount of done-and-undone grooming . If you can achieve a good, even length of heavy stubble, we say go for it.

Male facial hair style: Long beard

Level of Maintenance Involved: Like a shorter beard, this breed of facial hair will require a degree of meticulous beard grooming in the form of shaping, trimming, and moisturizing; otherwise, you run the risk of appearing lazy.

How to take care of long beard

Opinion: Men with long, well-maintained beards have a kind of sexy scholar going for them. They seem sophisticated but gruff , like a man who can do calculations and also cut down trees or fight a bear. However, there is a fine line between a full beard and an ultra-long, terminal-length beard, which is no longer attractive.

Men's Facial Hair Style: Full Beard

Level of Maintenance Involved: Beards of any length will need maintenance in terms of shaping, trimming, and moisturizing with conditioners and oils.

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Opinion: Full beards can connote older gentlemen or stylish tattooed hipsters who only drink over coffee. This style of facial hair is old-fashioned yet masculine. If you know how to shape a beard, it can be extremely attractive. Just be careful to keep the gradation looking natural. You'll want a good fade or you'll risk an uncomfortable chin strap.

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